Creates and uploads a model.

firectl create model [flags]


firectl create model my-model /path/to/checkpoint/


      --create-deployment         If true, create a new, single-tenant deployment for this model. Otherwise, the model will be deployed in a multi-tenant deployment.
      --deploy                    Deploy the model after it's created.
      --deployment-id string      The ID of the deployment where the model is to be deployed.
      --description string        The description of the model.
      --display-name string       The display name of the model.
      --github-url string         The GitHub URL of the model.
  -h, --help                      help for model
      --hugging-face-url string   The Hugging Face URL of the model.
      --public                    Whether the model is publicly accessible.

Options inherited from parent commands

  -o, --output Output   Set the output format to "text" or "json". (default text)